I would like to engage in a contemporary narrative that links seamlessly with the past as there is much to derive from the richness of the human experience, the changes and transformation that takes us deeper into the soul of our own lives, leading us toward greater humility, empathy and compassion. The destruction of the natural world and its critical connection with human well being has a deep resonance for me. A reverence for nature has been an intrinsic part of our ethos and culture in Coorg and has had a significant impact on me. There is inspiration to be found everywhere - in form or thought, in the lie of the land, or in music that touches your heart, but is only true when it steals up on you, its real value not being evident for awhile. I am inspired by the issues that challenge us today and the things I care about in order to express myself effectively and create a dialogue between the painting and the viewer. The universal ideas of truth and beauty have always resonated with me as I believe beauty lies in deeper instincts, the way we respond to life and the compassion we carry within. To rescue a fragment from the remorseless rush of time and reveal that moment to the viewer has been one of the objectives of art. I seek to use this knowledge to work with conviction as an artist and adapt my technique according to the emotion, using my personal aesthetic as my internal compass.


Duhita Samaiyar is from Coorg and was born in 1969 in Bangalore. She attended a boarding school in the same city. Vacations were spent with her parents on the tea plantations amidst the beautiful, atmospheric and richly bio diverse hills of the Western Ghats in Southern India, which instilled in her a deep love of nature. She loved to draw as a child but decided to pursue design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi (set up in collaboration with FIT, NY), graduating in 1991. After a few years in the fashion industry and launching a brand of childrens' wear stores in India, she moved with her family between Dubai, Cairo and London. She continued to freelance on design projects and while in Cairo, where she lived for 7 years, she engaged local communities of women and created a line of elegantly handcrafted home linen, always having been drawn to tradition and fine craftsmanship.

With her daughters studying and working in Europe and the US, she realised a lifelong dream of studying art. She has completed a 3 year program at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy, graduating in June 2018. She studied the classical, realist methods of the 19th century, drawing inspiration from the great masters of the past and learning the fundamentals of a visual language that developed over centuries.
Duhita Samaiyar
Semi Finalist at the 15th ARC International Salon 2021

Selected by the International Guild of Realism to participate in their 15th Juried Annual Exhibition at the Principle Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina from October 2-31, 2020.

Finalist at the Spring Salon Online Exhibition of the International Guild of Realism/featured in the April issue of American Art Collector Magazine.

Finalist at the 14th ARC International Salon 2019/ featured in the Sept/Oct ‘19 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine.

Preselected for the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2019 (ROI), Mall Galleries, London.

Graduated from The Florence Academy of Art, Italy

Exhibition at Galleria Mentana, Florence

Exhibition of Watercolors at the Emirates Towers Boulevard, Dubai with DIAC

Worked on an art project with an Italian artist for a library in Beirut